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Pink Moon Run & Walk bij het Muiderslot
Saturday July 13, 2019
The Netherlands

Take a Swing at Breast Cancer-Ann Arbor, MI
Monday August 5, 2019
Ann Arbor, MI

Sunday October 6, 2019
The Netherlands

Pink Moon Run & Walk
Saturday October 26, 2019
Jackson, MO


Top Teams 2019:
Tandengoud Team   € 22,494
2gether strong!!   € 690
Walking on Sunshine   € 661
rozebloemen   € 533
Seize the Day   € 510
SuperSisters   € 345
Marianne Spaltman   € 197

Top Fundraisers 2019:
Ria Vermeulen   € 1,227
vera birkhoff   € 775
Yvonne Werson   € 570
suzan Beek   € 275
Anya Wiersma   € 146
monique hoek   € 125
Astrid Caten   € 80


February 2019 Newsletter

February 2019

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Pink Moon Run & Walk (USA)
Saturday October 26, 2019

You can register here for Pink Moon! Complete this form and hit "Submit." Once registered, you will be contacted by email or telephone with details on how to proceed in collecting donations and how to watch them accumulate between now and the event. Prizes will be awarded to the event's top fundraisers, as well as top finishers in the 8km run.

Participants can choose the 3km or 8km Walk or Run.
For individuals ages 13 & older, $30.

Families of two adults age 18 & older with an unlimited number of children age 12 & under can participate with a minimum donation amount of $60.

Breast cancer survivors are encouraged to participate and invited to do so for a minimum of $20 participation/donation amount.

If one adult age 18 & older wants to participate with one child age 12 & under, the minimum donation amount is $30 plus $1 per year of the child's age. (For example, a seven-year-old child requires $7 in donations; $37 total for adult and child.

IF YOU ARE A PAST PARTICIPANT WITH A PARTICIPANT LOGIN, go ahead and LOGIN now, and then return to this page to make registering easier. We will import most of your information to save you time. You will still need to check any boxes that require checking, and make any selections that require choosing an item.

Type Registration:
Individual Family Survivor 1 Adult/ 1 Child

3km Walk3km Run
8km Walk8km Run

First Name: (cannot contain special language characters like é or like ö)

Prefix Name: (van, van de, van den, van der, van het, de, den, der, te, ten, ter)

Last Name: (cannot contain special language characters like é or like ö)




Postal Code:


Phone #:

Mobile #:

Email Address:
If you don't have an email it's really not a problem. Just type in: no email
Do not try to use another participants email.


Birthdate: (YYYY-MM-DD)

Size T-shirt: (not choosing will result in a small non-exchangeable shirt)

I heard about Pink Moon:

A Sister's Hope can share my contact information with other A Sister's Hope participants in my area:

Have you had breast cancer?

I understand that by registering for the Pink Moon event, I agree to raise the minimum donation amount in order to participate in the event. If I do not reach the minimum in donations, I understand that the donations already received by A Sister's Hope in support of my Pink Moon participation will remain with A Sister's Hope for the purpose of funding breast cancer research. I also understand that if I do not raise the minimum, I will not be allowed to participate in the Pink Moon event.

A Sister's Hope will not be held responsible for injuries I might sustain while training for this event or while participating.

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