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Zaterdag 5 Oktober, 2024



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Team Tandengoud   € 27,511
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Februari 2019 Nieuwsbrief

Februari 2019

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CANCELED - Oktober 2020 Evenement (Nederland)

Doe mee in de strijd tegen borstkanker. Tot nu toe brachten we ruim 5 miljoen bijeen voor ons doel; meer en beter borstkankeronderzoek in Nederland, maar we moeten door!! Er is nog veel meer geld nodig. Help je mee?

Evenement: CANCELED - Oktober 2020 Evenement
Start Datum: Zaterdag, 3 Oktober 2020
Eind Datum: Zaterdag, 3 Oktober 2020
Starttijd: 09:00

Start Locatie: Castellum Hoge Woerd
map it
Stad: Castellum Hoge Woerd
Provincie: Utrecht
Land: Nederland


Op zaterdag 3 oktober zal de finish en huldiging voor de wandelaars en fietsers aan het einde van de middag plaatsvinden in Castellum Hoge Woerd. Alle wandelaars beginnen die dag in Wijk bij Duurstede en alle fietsers beginnen hun ongeveer 100km durende tocht in Nijmegen. Net als vele voorgaande edities zijn er onderweg weer gezellige pitstops met een lunchstop, de bezemwagen is weer van de partij en natuurlijk het ultieme Sistershope gevoel!

Want to make a beautiful walk or take a long, scenic bike journey while raising vital funding for breast cancer research? Join us on Saturday, October 3, for this new A Sister's Hope event!

Since 2007, A Sister's Hope has placed more than five million euro - 5 MILLION EURO - into the laboratories of some of the brightest researchers in the world who are working to save the lives of those we love. As the research evolves, so do the efforts of our charity.

This year's October event introduces a new route that will lead walkers along an approximate 30-kilometer journey between Wijk bij Duurstede and Castellum Hoge Woerd. Cyclists who join the event will start their approximate 100-kilometer journey in Nijmegen and join the walkers for a closing celebration in Castellum Hoge Woerd. All participants will be supported along the trek at pit stops, provided lunch and backed up by the "bezemwagen" (sweep vehicle for those who become fatigued).

It will be a day you will not forget, and a day that makes such an enormous difference to so many people you will never meet.

This is a fundraising event - held ONLY to raise funds for research - and the event has a fundraising minimum of 500 euro per participant. If you have a team of five, a sixth person can participate for "free." In other words, six persons can participate with a total amount raised of 2,500 euro (instead of 3,000). Many of you will raise much more than 500 euro. For those who worry about reaching 500 euro, do not worry. We are here to help you and guide you through that process. When you start now, you will raise far more than 500 euro for this important research. If, by chance, you register and do not reach the 500-euro minimum by October 3, you can either switch to be a crew member (instead of walking or biking) or you can choose to not participate at all on October 3.

The World Health Organization estimates that deaths from cancer (all cancers) worldwide are projected to reach over 13 million in 2030. In comparison, cancer accounted for 7.6 million deaths in 2008. Also from the WHO:
- About 70% of the cancer deaths in 2008 occurred in low- and middle-income-countries.
- About 30% of the cancer deaths could be avoided by a change of life style and more healthy behaviours.
- The vast majority of cancer deaths are preventable: every year 1.5 million people die from cancer linked to tobacco.
- Vaccination against the human papilloma virus (HPV) and screening for pre-cancer or cancer are key tools to prevent the 530 000 new cervical cancer cases diagnosed every year.

For breast cancer, one risk factor over which we have control is our physical activity, which is one of the reasons A Sister's Hope produces physical activity events each year as part of the charity's fundraising efforts. We want people to get out, get physical and get healthy! The events also are a bonding experience for people who have faced this disease and for like-minded individuals who want to make a difference.

Are you ready for this adventure? Get registered today and let the journey begin!

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